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130 Years of Quality

The Carrom Company has been manufacturing quality games for 130 years, reaching homes across the country ever since. Our Ludington, Michigan manufacturing facility is in the heartland of America, where family means everything and quality time is number one. We make games so you can make memories. Find your favorite Classic Family Game and continue the great tradition.

American Made

In the last quarter of the 19th century Henry Haskell, a Sunday School teacher, viewed with alarm the growing number of boys who loafed around pool rooms. (Ironically, the company would eventually manufacture pool tables.) Haskell had an inventive mind and he concentrated his thought on supplying a game which would appeal to these boys and supply wholesome enjoyment. Soon after, Haskell patented and introduced the U.S. Carrom game board produced at Ludington Novelty Works. (Ludington, MI) of which he was part owner.

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Canadian customers interested in stick hockey, please contact our Canadian partner, Quebec Billard. Send your inquiries to

Bring Back Family Game Night!

We’ve launched a national effort that calls upon families in America to put down their mobile devices, turn off their TVs and put away their laptops and tablets for one night to sit around the kitchen table or family room playing their favorite board games in an attempt to re-engage the family in real conversation and nostalgic fun.

“What could be better? Here’s a toy that takes you back to your own youth, that will even bring a sparkle to the eyes of your grown children, and that will delight six-ten year olds even though they’ve been brought up on noisy, mechanical, TV/video/computer stuff. You can open the box, you don’t need a PhD to read directions, and the game begins!”
Nok Hockey Customer