Balance Boards: Family Fun & Fitness!

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Life is a balancing act, when you have to work, get your kids where they need to go, keep your house together, and keep your family fed; the list goes on and on. Make “balancing” fun again; bring your Carrom® Balance Board along for the ride. You may not be able to slow down your chaotic schedule, but you can make your body stronger and have fun doing it!

Not only is the balance board great for your whole family, but it has so many health benefits – keeping your family entertained and healthy is easier when it’s fun, too. Balance boards can benefit so many people.  Improving your balance can benefit your performance in; skateboarding, skiing, practicing yoga or Pilates, gymnastics, dancing, sports, other athletics, and just your overall health. Making your core strong benefits your body in the long run and starting a family trend of fitness and health will be one of the best things you teach your kids. Unplug your Kids: Connect the Family.®

  • Better Mental and Body Coordination – Balancing can help you recover from an injury or gain better coordination. When you’re trying to balance, your body is forced to work as a whole, you’re using muscles you didn’t know you had, your brain has to align everything to stay upright and stable. This is why it is such a great body toner and great as a low impact exercise, all while delivering great results for your core strength.
  • Gaining Core Strength and Stability – This is so important for a lifetime of healthy living. Your core is what will help your back and posture stay strong for your entire life. Start preventing potential health risks now, or even reduce back pain, by keeping your core and your back muscles strong and toned, the balance board is perfect for building that muscle and core stability.
  • Increasing Workout Intensity and Agility – Practicing balancing exercises will help you become a better athlete and prevent injuries. Balancing forces you to strengthen your ankles; helping you become better at switching directions quickly and shifting your body weight. If you have ever had to chase a toddler, jump over a pet or find that unexpected extra step, then you know how beneficial this can be in daily life.

Carrom® Balance Board

Try a Carrom® Balance Board and see how fun it is to spend time with your family, while helping your body stay strong to get you through this very busy and sometimes chaotic life. We hope to see you on your balance board all over your town, making family time fun and fit. Our balance boards have been reviewed on Fitandme.com and they have been voted one of the Top 10 for 2017.

The Carrom® Company has been making quality family games for over 100 years right here in the United States – help us continue to share our games with your family and friends. Our goal is to help you create great family memories built around fun, classic games. Unplug your Kids: Connect the Family.®

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