Celebrating 75 Years of Nok Hockey!

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Carrom Company is celebrating 75 Years of Nok Hockey! A family favorite since 1942, there’s no assembly required, you just have to open the game and begin the family fun!

This game is sure to test your hand-eye coordination. You can go head-to-head in this two-player game; the fast action will make you want to play for hours to perfect your shot. Get a tournament going and see how this classic wood game can be more fun that scrolling on your cell phone. We have seen great photos of families playing on Instagram #NokHockey, keep sharing and tag us!

We love seeing old photos of this classic game in action too, like the one Bobby Cole provided in the True Jersey article, sharing a photo from 1970, showing a group crowded around watching their friends play at the Garfield Boys Club. Nok Hockey has been incredibly popular in the Mid-West and the East Coast, showing up in school programs, community events and more.

1970 Garfield Boys Club Playing Nok Hockey by Carrom Company

The object of the game is to score by knocking the puck into the goal. Goals can be scored by Direct Shots into the slot, Bank Shots off the side boards, or by Double Bank Shots off the corner blocks and goal block. One point for each goal on any type shot. Set your own total.

The puck is put into play by one of the players dropping the puck in the face-off center. A player can hit the puck only when the puck is in his defense zone area (area between the black line & players’ goal) or the center free play area. A player cannot hit the puck when it lies in his opponents’ defense area. A puck knocked out of the arena is put into play from the defense area of the opponent responsible for the out-of-bounds shot. A players’ play position is directly behind the goal. Play from along the side of the arena is not permitted.

We continue to share the joy with our classic games, get one for yourself, or your friends! Shop now for the Champion Nok Hockey or Nok Hockey-Large tables and share your photos from now, or years ago! Let’s show this new generation there is fun to be had without phones, tablets, and computers, plugs, flashing lights or noise.

Champion Nok Hockey - Carrom Company

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