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James Madio: Actor & All-American Father of Fun

James Madio, age 45, is a lifelong professional actor originally from the Bronx NY. He performed in a wide range of films and TV shows including “Hook”, “Basketball Diaries”, “Jersey Boys” and the award winning HBO TV miniseries, “Band of Brothers”. James has been a fan of Carrom’s Nok Hockey for a long time and we had a chance to talk with him about it.
Jame Perconte as Sergeant Frank Perconte in Band of Brothers

James as Sgt. Frank Perconte in Band of Brothers

What is your favorite game?

“My favorite Carrom game has to be Nok Hockey. I love the nostalgic aspect of the game the most. It reminds me of my own childhood and makes me smile when I think back. I also love the strategy behind the game and all that involves within the deck of the game. After the three stick nocks for the face off, we always played with alternating shots no matter where the puck landed on the board. This way it was all about finesse and the angles off the walls and the goalie block. I was a master of the block squeeze shot and more often then not it would result in a goal.”
Actor James Madio playing Nok Hockey

James sharing Nok Hockey with daughter Evelyn

When did you start playing Nok Hockey?

“I think I was around 5 or 6 when I first started playing Nok Hockey. Growing up in the 80s in the Bronx within a family of seven, and not always having the safest front yard with all the traffic, our parents would encourage us to enjoy indoor games like Nok Hockey. I first played Nok Hockey at my older cousin Angelo’s place and then we got a board sometime after. It was just a great game to play with all us kids around. We’d get competitive and develop our own strategy and technique and we just created so many memories that last till this day.”

Who do you play Nok Hockey with now?

“Well I have three kids I play with. I have my youngest and only daughter, Evelyn, who is three, my middle child Jack who is four and my eldest boy Luka, age seven. Just the other week Evelyn picked up the stick and wanted to bang it around on Nok Hockey – I was quick to snap a picture of that! Jack is a bit of a wild man and hasn’t yet taken to the one alternating shot at a time approach, but we are working on it. Luka is the one who likes playing with me the most. He’s all about trying to take it to dad and we have some really fun games a few times a week.”
James Madio and sons

James with sons Jack & Luka

“I think it’s important to take a step back every now and then and get back to basics. I like to get the kids, and myself off the grid, leave social media alone and enjoy one-on-one in person interactions. I hope my kids will remember it as much as I did back when I was on Williams Bridge Road in the Bronx with Angelo and all the others many years ago.”

Full Bio

There are a wide range of roles you would remember James from including his initial role in Steven Spielberg’s child classic, “Hook”, where he played one of the Lost Boys. James Madio also played Pedro in the 1995 acclaimed “Basketball Diaries” alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, and arguably his biggest role, came as sergeant Frank Perconte in the Emmy and Golden Globe winning “Band of Brothers”. This instant classic is a made for HBO dramatization of the history of “Easy” Company, of the 101st Airborne Division, from jump training in the United States through its participation in major actions in Europe, up until Japan’s capitulation and the end of World War II. For Band of Brothers Madio contacted the real life Perconte to develop ideas on how to play the sergeant as well as to understand Perconte’s background and history.

Muhammad Ali & Angelo Dundee

James continues to work on a number of acting projects on both coasts. You can see James in the 2nd season of the Starz show, “Godfather of Harlem”, which depicts gangster Bumpy Johnson who makes his way in Harlem during the 1960s. James plays Angelo Dundee, the American Boxing trainer who works with Muhammed Ali.
James just wrapped in Spokane Washington on an indy film called “Boon” with Band of Brothers castmate Neal McDonough. Boon is currently in post production. James is also very involved in his passion project titled, “Pep”, which is the true life story of world champion Willie Pep, who was the fighter with the most wins in professional boxing. The story covers Willie Pep’s long-shot journey out of retirement and back into the ring, and which also stars his Band of Brothers castmate, Ron Livingston.
James Madio as Willie Pep

James as professional boxer Willie Pep

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