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American-made means all our games and products are here already.

The Carrom Company is able to fully meet consumer demand for its premium & classic American games during the ‘21 holiday season with a full inventory because all our games are American-made and already in the US

With toy and game shortages expected this holiday season due to the global supply chain crisis, domestic based manufacturers like the Carrom Company are able to make sure its full inventory will be able to ship to retailers and direct to consumers.

Norman Rosen, President and Owner of the Carrom Company said, “We anticipated products coming in from overseas were going to have a challenge getting delivered in time for the holiday season so we made sure to increase production to meet this shortage. Because we manufacture all our products in the United States, our games are already here for the domestic consumer. We won’t have any issues with inventory getting held up in cargo ships or jammed up at the ports in shipping containers.”

Carrom’s portfolio of classic American family games includes (click here):

  • Carrom Game Board – Reversible multi-game board features over 100 games including Carroms
  • Nok Hockey – Classic table-top hockey game that offers instant game-play for all ages
  • Shuffleboard – Mini version of the pool hall and arcade classic
  • Skittles – Retro top spinning game for points and fun
  • Bowl-A-Mania – Mini version of the American classic

Carrom also manufacturers sports themed table games (click here):

  • Signature Stick Hockey and standard Stick Hockey
  • Signature Foosball and Foosball
  • Power Play Table Top Hockey

Lastly, Carrom offers a line of Balance Boards that offers hours of fun as well as physical conditioning and agility cross-training (click here)

In addition to having available inventory, Carrom Company games and products hold special places in the hearts and memories of millions of Americans because so many adults grew up playing the Carrom Game Board, Nok Hockey, Stick Hockey, Foosball and others. These classic and analog games continue to play an important role in the development of children for parents who want to limit the amount of screen time they are exposed to. When involved parents determine their kids need to put their digitals devices and screens down, they realize their kids need something else to do and Carrom’s line of interactive and engaging games and products offer a wonderful activity alternative.

Carrom Company products can always be purchased on our online store. Click here for our shop.