More Board Games in Classrooms, Please!

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It’s back-to-school time and let’s face it, kids are more excited for school when they get to play games. So, why not make learning more fun. We all have our favorite memories from school and if you think about certain learning experiences, chances are you remember a game you played in your classroom that has stuck with you for years.

There have been many studies showing the benefits of games used as a learning and education tool. We love this idea; we found some great information about these benefits. We also encourage you to bring games home, schedule your family game night and you’ll not only be making lasting family memories, but educational ones too.

There are different games for different ages and topics of learning. We start teaching our youngest school goers the basics, students can learn a variety of useful life lessons and important skills through games.

Benefits of Board Games in Classrooms:

  • Helps with social skills – communicating, verbally, sharing, waiting, taking turns, and enjoying interaction with others.
  • Helps kids learn boundaries – children need clear limits to feel safe in all situations.
  • Focus – games can lengthen attention span and encourage focus.
  • Students learn through the process of playing the game.
  • Games provide a context for engaging practice.
  • While playing games, students develop a variety of connections with the content and can form positive memories of learning.
  • Games grab students’ attention and actively engage them.

Our Carrom® Game Board offers the largest variety of games to learn and play with one board. With over 100 games, it’s easy to find a game to teach based on numbers, hand-eye-coordination and more. Classic games like checkers and chess can help in so many ways; you’ll wonder why you aren’t playing every day. Chess especially has some outstanding benefits.

Benefits of Playing Chess:

  • “Promotes brain growth – Games like chess that challenge the brain, actually stimulate the growth of dendrites, the bodies that send out signals from the brain’s neuron cells. With more dendrites, neural communication within the brain improves and becomes faster.”
  • Exercises both sides of the brain.
  • “Raises your IQ – Do smart people play chess, or does chess make people smart? At least one scientific study has shown that playing the game can actually raise a person’s IQ. A study of 4,000 Venezuelan students produced significant rises in the IQ scores of both boys and girls after four months of chess instruction. So grab a chess board and improve your IQ!”
  • Sparks creativity.
  • “Teaches planning and foresight – One of the last parts of the brain to develop during adolescence is the prefrontal cortex, the area responsible for judgment, planning and self-control. Because playing chess requires strategic and critical thinking, it helps promote prefrontal cortex development and helps teenagers make better decisions in all areas of life, perhaps keeping them from making an irresponsible, risky choice.”

Bonus! There are also great health benefits to playing board games. What could be better than that?

Health Benefits of Board Games: 

  • Memory formation and cognitive skills – problem solving, help the brain retain and build cognitive associations.
  • Reduces risks of mental disease – exercising your brain will help retain information and fight against dementia and other illnesses.
  • “Speed up your responses. Get yourself a board game like chess, checkers or monopoly, and in time you might be better at being able to find those hard-to-find car keys without having to look for then in the entire house. Scientists at the University of Toronto in Canada assessed two groups’ ability to search for and find an object; their results showed that study participants who regularly played video games were far quicker at locating the target than those who didn’t play.”

Check out our Classic Games and you’ll find to perfect fit for your family, don’t forget the travel-size games, too!

The Carrom® Company has been making quality family games for over 125 years right here in the United States – help us continue to share our games with your family and friends. Our goal is to help you create great family memories built around fun, classic games. Unplug your Kids: Connect the Family®

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