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This is the original game board that started it all! Bring a host of classic American games home with this versatile and reversible, unique wooden Carrom® Game Board that features over 100 games. The most popular games played on this table game is carroms and crokinole, but it also features backgammon, pool, billiards, ring out, pins, checkers, chess, and many more.  This is no longer available with net pockets the plastic inserts permit the game of pool to be played.


Get rid of clutter in your closet and get more games with less space needed. Our 29″ x 29″ game board is built to last and it will keep your family playing games together for years! Components include:

  • rule book
  • 2 cues
  • 12 red rings
  • 12 green rings
  • 1 black ring
  • 2 white shooter rings
  • 10 pins
  • 2 dice
  • 3 spinning tops
  • *Chess pieces not included

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History of the Carrom Game Board

In the last quarter of the 19th century Henry Haskell, a Sunday School teacher, viewed with alarm the growing number of boys who loafed around pool rooms. (Ironically, the company would eventually manufacture pool tables.) Haskell had an inventive mind and he concentrated his thought on supplying a game which would appeal to these boys and supply wholesome enjoyment. Soon after, Haskell patented and introduced the U.S. Carrom game board. Produced at Ludington Novelty Works (Ludington, MI) of which he was part owner.

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