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Aiding the Welfare and Healthy Development of Children

In today’s society, it is more important than ever for all people to do their part to conserve and improve the world we live in. Even more so, corporate citizens and organizations share a responsibility to do everything they can to leave a positive and lasting impact on society.

Here are at the Carrom Company, we recognize the importance of this approach as part of our business, and we are excited to officially announce our positioning around past and future social responsibility initiatives.

Carrom’s Social Responsibility Belief:

The Carrom Company believes the most important thing in society is the welfare and healthy development of Children.

From our classic, quality games, to the families we have always aimed to support, our foundation of the Carrom Company has always been focused around child betterment. We know that happy, healthy, and socially developed children will become the keepers and leaders of our communities of tomorrow. The future of our society is inherently dependent on the healthy development of our children.

We believe children are given their best chances in life, and exhibit the most potential, when they come from a happy, healthy, and nurturing family unit – whatever form it takes. From the first game (Carroms) Henry Haskell invented, intended to keep young kids from loitering around pool halls and developing bad habits, the Carrom Company has been manufacturing American-made games designed to foster positive interaction between children, their parents and each other. At no point in civilization has this task been more important or more challenging, as the digital age now infiltrates every aspect of our lives and those of our children. Parents must be more intentional than ever to foster meaningful connections with their kids. Our company exists to equip all parents with games that help you connect with your kids and create lasting memories. 

Responsible When and Where it Counts

In promoting the welfare and healthy development of Children, Carrom will look to support organizations, causes, and initiatives that focus on the following areas:

Youth-Based Service Organizations

  • Carrom has always supported groups that aim to provide opportunities for children to develop mentally, spiritually, and physically.
    • Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts BSA, 4H, school enrichment programs, etc.

Environmental Conservation

  • As much as it is important to champion the healthy development of our children, it’s important we also strive to leave them a healthy planet and provide the same opportunities previous generations enjoyed. In addition, educating children about the importance of environmental conservation will help ensure the long-term health of our planet for generations to come. 
    • Support for organizations like WWF,, various parks conservancies, etc.

Pediatric Organizations & Causes

  • Carrom will partner with organizations that both support and treat children with health challenges as well as promote the advancement of medical sciences that pursue  the overall objective of raising happy and healthy children. 
    • Examples include: Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital-Pediatrics (Detroit), Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, etc.

Parental Causes & Initiatives

  • Carrom will assist those organizations that support families and parents navigating the challenges in today’s society and communities.
    • Carrom will assist those organizations that support families and parents navigating the challenges in today’s society and communities.

The following is a list of child and family focused organizations the Carrom Company has supported and donated to over the years:

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Optimist Youth
Chess Club

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Ludington Area
Catholic School

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Hartman Public Library
Summer Program

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Boy Scouts
of America

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Rally for
the Cure

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Rotary Club