How it All Began

We’ve launched a national effort that calls upon families in America to put down their mobile devices, turn off their TVs and put away their laptops and tablets for one night to sit around the kitchen table or family room playing their favorite board games in an attempt to re-engage the family in real conversation and nostalgic fun.

The Unplug your kids. Connect the family! movement is the brainchild of Norman Rosen, Carrom Co. Chairman of the Board, who was disheartened to see families out to dinner not talking to each other because everyone – parents included – was staring at mobile devices.

“I saw all these people in the restaurant staring at their phones and not talking to each other and I said to myself, ‘Don’t they have anything to talk about?’ It made me wonder how parents and children could sit around a table together and not converse.”

And so Rosen created the first-ever Unplug & Connect event as a way to get families to put down their devices and connect – if only for a day.

Rosen’s vision continues as families across the country – helmed by parents – join the movement to unplug.

Bring Back Family Game Night!

We believe strongly in the movement we have launched in “Unplug the Kids, Connect the Family” and the value it creates in re-connecting through disconnecting.

Unplug Tips

Work on an art project!

It’s a great way to get creative together as a family. You can create individually (but together) or work on a family project. Try painting, drawing, crafting or creating a homemade game.

Try a backyard campout night!

Pop up the tent, grab your sleeping bags and round up some yummy snacks. Don’t forget to bring along a few fun games and some good stories!

Rediscover what you've got at home.

There really and truly is plenty else to do at home instead of going face down in technology. Read, play board games, have craft time, build forts, do yoga, cook together…find a fun thing to work on together and go!